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                                Smoke is a fascinating medium to photograph. 

                                It produces its own shapes and patterns, ever changing by  the slightest draught.                                

                                Beautiful by itself, there is really no need to add colour  for turning up the vibrancy  reveals the hidden colours.

                                However adding colour sometimes reveals a hidden picture.

                                 I have not manipulated these pictures only added colour to emphasise what I see. 

                                  Where appropriate I have given the picture a title which expresses my view.

                         1                             2                           3                           4
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                Holmes's Pipe                        


                       Rosette        Re-Cycling Yesterdays Paper 
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                   Tug of War


             Double Sink Plunger       Bridge By The Power Station                         Batman
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                    Scooby-Doo                    Darth Vader              Where's My Mummy                       Seal Within
                1                   2                  3                    4                  5                  6
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      Guards On Parade          Wildebeests       Genies Slippers     No Colour Added  Hang Your Head In   Shame       Red Hot Mama
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        Fine Chiffon     Mother and Calf        Flower Power           Phantom          Hair Rollers        Bad Hair Day
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It's A Long Way Up There  Les Dawson's Neighbour  Antelope With Beehive  Whose Nearest The Fire         Happy Horse



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