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               Landscapes are a fascinating subject, no view ever appears the same on two occasions. Changing light, changing seasons, changing weather make 

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every view different. Perhaps because I was a builder most of my favourite views feature buildings of some description and usually taken in fine weather.

Living in the very centre of England the photos I have selected are of views not often seen in the Midlands, lighthouses, the sea and a 100 mile horizon.

I have also included some photos which are not strictly landscapes but do not easily fit into any of my other categories.

                         1                              2                             3                            4
    A CorsewallLH.jpg (233387 bytes) Lismore.jpg (287006 bytes) Tiree.jpg (257398 bytes) IslayLH.jpg (310493 bytes)
Corsewall Lighthouse, Stranraer, Scotland     Sailean, Isle of Lismore         Caolas, Isle of Tiree      Isle of Orsay Lighthouse
    B IMG_1365sheep.jpg (254432 bytes) TowardLH.jpg (259258 bytes)  PortCharlotteLH.jpg (271149 bytes)  XH4A1622boats.jpg (255216 bytes) 
        "My Old Winter Coat" Toward Lighthouse, Cowal Peninsular, Argyll and Bute


Port Charlotte Lighthouse,          Isle of Islay.           " End Of The Day"
              C  Donan.jpg (221652 bytes) eventide1702.jpg (289536 bytes)  059.jpg (319563 bytes) IMG_2979a-2.jpg (304184 bytes)
              Eilean Donan Castle                       "Eventide"                "Why Did I Leave"           Traditional House - Tiree

ForthPano.jpg (219901 bytes)


Barra Pan2.jpg (205183 bytes)
                            Forth Railway and Road Bridges                               Isle of Barra  "Airport - I kid you not""
   E TreesNI.jpg (341527 bytes) P7010101islayps.jpg (211766 bytes) rydal water.jpg (253988 bytes) Highlands.jpg (321234 bytes)
  The Dark Hedges - Northern Ireland                       Port Ellen                     Rydal Water                Scottish Highlands


                                   If you would like to purchase any of these photographs please email your selection by reference to the photo grid, i.e. Heading, Letter and Number. e.g. Bubbles A2

                                   An A4 Photograph (8" x 11" approx.) mounted in a 355 x 280mm (14" x 11") antique white mount. .....10 plus P.& P. @ 8-50 = 18-50

                                   An A3+ Photograph ( 12" x 17" approx.) mounted in a 500mm x 400mm antique white mount..............20 plus P.&P. @ 8-50 =  28-50 

                                   Email :-