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               Landscapes are a fascinating subject, no view ever appears the same on two occasions. Changing light, changing seasons, changing weather make 

every view different. Perhaps because I was a builder most of my favourite views feature buildings of some description and usually taken in fine weather.

Living in the very centre of England the photos I have selected are of views not often seen in the Midlands, lighthouses, the sea and a 100 mile horizon.

I have also included some photos which are not strictly landscapes but do not easily fit into any of my other categories.

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    A CorsewallLH.jpg (233387 bytes) Lismore.jpg (287006 bytes) Tiree.jpg (257398 bytes) IslayLH.jpg (310493 bytes)
Corsewall Lighthouse, Stranraer, Scotland     Sailean, Isle of Lismore         Caolas, Isle of Tiree      Isle of Orsay Lighthouse
    B IMG_1365sheep.jpg (254432 bytes) TowardLH.jpg (259258 bytes)  PortCharlotteLH.jpg (271149 bytes)  XH4A1622boats.jpg (255216 bytes) 
        "My Old Winter Coat" Toward Lighthouse, Cowal Peninsular, Argyll and Bute


Port Charlotte Lighthouse,          Isle of Islay.           " End Of The Day"
              C  Donan.jpg (221652 bytes) eventide1702.jpg (289536 bytes)  059.jpg (319563 bytes) IMG_2979a-2.jpg (304184 bytes)
              Eilean Donan Castle                       "Eventide"                "Why Did I Leave"           Traditional House - Tiree

ForthPano.jpg (219901 bytes)


Barra Pan2.jpg (205183 bytes)
                            Forth Railway and Road Bridges                               Isle of Barra  "Airport - I kid you not""
   E TreesNI.jpg (341527 bytes) P7010101islayps.jpg (211766 bytes) rydal water.jpg (253988 bytes) Highlands.jpg (321234 bytes)
  The Dark Hedges - Northern Ireland                       Port Ellen                     Rydal Water                Scottish Highlands
   F XH4A9215-Edit.jpg (228661 bytes)+ uig isle of lewis.jpg (253138 bytes) blackhouse.jpg (222587 bytes) callanish web.jpg (169717 bytes)
            UIg, Outer Hebrides                Uig Outer Hebrides        Black House Isle of Lewis           Callanish Standing Stones

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