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Macro in simple terms means close-up. It is only when including the word "extreme" that this takes on a whole new meaning and opens up a whole new world.

A photograph of a few grains of sugar is not so startling but a photograph of the common house fly or spider takes our understanding of insects to another dimension.

                         1                              2                             3                            4
    A sugar.jpg (161125 bytes) Coffee.jpg (292495 bytes) 5pence.jpg (210557 bytes) Dandelionseed.jpg (160406 bytes)

           Granulated Sugar


              Instant Coffee                  Five Pence               Dandelion Seed
    B daddylonglegs2.jpg (159683 bytes) fly2.jpg (204776 bytes) Housespider4.jpg (224251 bytes) silverfish.jpg (113184 bytes)

          Daddy Long Legs


                 House Fly                House Spider                    Silver Fish
    C       Flyeyes.jpg (239004 bytes) spider2.jpg (199601 bytes) waspeyes.jpg (226569 bytes) spider4.jpg (217874 bytes)

                    House Fly


                      Spider                    Wasp           Mesh Web Spider


                                   If you would like to purchase any of these photographs please email your selection by reference to the photo grid, i.e. Heading, Letter and Number. e.g. Bubbles A2

                                   An A4 Photograph (8" x 11" approx.) mounted in a 355 x 280mm (14" x 11") antique white mount. .....10 plus P.& P. @ 8-50 = 18-50

                                   An A3+ Photograph ( 12" x 17" approx.) mounted in a 500mm x 400mm antique white mount..............20 plus P.&P. @ 8-50 =  28-50 

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