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Macro in simple terms means close-up. It is only when including the word "extreme" that this takes on a whole new meaning and opens up a whole new world.

A photograph of a few grains of sugar is not so startling but a photograph of the common house fly or spider takes our understanding of insects to another dimension.

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    A sugar.jpg (161125 bytes) Coffee.jpg (292495 bytes) 5pence.jpg (210557 bytes) Dandelionseed.jpg (160406 bytes)

           Granulated Sugar


              Instant Coffee                  Five Pence               Dandelion Seed
    B daddylonglegs2.jpg (159683 bytes) fly2.jpg (204776 bytes) Housespider4.jpg (224251 bytes) silverfish.jpg (113184 bytes)

          Daddy Long Legs


                 House Fly                House Spider                    Silver Fish
    C       Flyeyes.jpg (239004 bytes) spider2.jpg (199601 bytes) waspeyes.jpg (226569 bytes) spider4.jpg (217874 bytes)

                    House Fly


                      Spider                    Wasp           Mesh Web Spider
  D XH4A4874web.jpg (113094 bytes) XH4A2875web.jpg (93069 bytes) XH4A2959dewweb.jpg (120056 bytes) Gold.jpg.jpg (194263 bytes)
               Flip Top Water Bottle                      Snow Drop                   Japanese Maple          Sharing Out The Gold