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All of the photographs are taken in the British Isles, but the panda, meercats and leopard are part of Edinburgh zoo.

The other photographs are taken around Burton-on-Trent, in the peak district and on the Isles of Lunga, Mull, Islay, Tiree, Lismore and Coll.


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                         1                              2                             3                            4
    A puffinweb.jpg (60873 bytes) tawnyowlweb.jpg (65465 bytes) 4838.jpg (84135 bytes) 4935.jpg (66624 bytes)
                       Puffin                    Tawny Owl                         Panda                        Leopard
    B meercatweb.jpg (98224 bytes) hareweb.jpg (70581 bytes) redpollweb.jpg (45666 bytes) deer4web.jpg (70657 bytes)
                    Meercats                         Hare                     Lesser Redpoll                     Fallow Deer
 C           otter2web.jpg (67084 bytes) deer5web.jpg (94317 bytes) peacock2web.jpg (128570 bytes) puffin2web.jpg (40453 bytes)
                        Otter                      Red Deer                     Peacock                        Puffin
   D kestrelweb.jpg (51016 bytes) lapwing&chickweb.jpg (70236 bytes) oysterweb.jpg (88503 bytes) snipeweb.jpg (37380 bytes)
                   Kestrel               Lapwing and Chick        Oystercatcher and Chick                        Snipe
   E Deer 018.jpg (135928 bytes) curlewweb.jpg (75580 bytes) barnowl2web.jpg (70702 bytes) SeaEagle 056.jpg (77632 bytes)

                   Red Deer


                      Curlew                      Barn Owl           White Tailed Sea Eagle
   F RedSquirrel 002.jpg (294735 bytes) puffin5web.jpg (48619 bytes) peacockweb.jpg (114977 bytes) lapwingweb.jpg (75826 bytes)

                    Red Squirrel


                        Puffin                      Peacock                      Lapwing
   G ploverweb.jpg (57121 bytes) lambweb.jpg (69442 bytes) Redshank6096.jpg (25131 bytes) tawnyowl2web.jpg (57428 bytes)
                 Ring  Plover         North of England Mule Lamb                      Red Shank                   Tawny Owl
   H redpoll2web.jpg (41078 bytes) sealweb.jpg (56588 bytes) Thrushweb.jpg (31906 bytes) peregrineweb.jpg (48336 bytes)
              Lesser Redpoll                    Grey Seal                   Meadow Pipit               Peregrine Falcon
   J Chough1874.jpg (285517 bytes) Sandpiper-2 039.jpg (247510 bytes) otterweb.jpg (68125 bytes) 284grouse.jpg (231743 bytes)
                      Chough               Common Sandpiper                          Otter                     Red Grouse
   K sheep2web.jpg (73614 bytes) siskinweb.jpg (28795 bytes) Chaffinch 023.jpg (275696 bytes) puffin3web.jpg (40372 bytes)
                 Dalesbred  Sheep                        Siskin                       Chaffinch                       Puffin
   L barnowl3web.jpg (64798 bytes) stonechat120.jpg (129933 bytes) skylark2063.jpg (213878 bytes) BabyRabbit5210.jpg (125003 bytes)
                    Barn Owl                      Stonechat                          Skylark                     Baby Rabbit
   M Fulmar5022.jpg (59764 bytes) Corncrake6234.jpg (80239 bytes) GoldPlover5683.jpg (75882 bytes) Greylag5942.jpg (83655 bytes)
                       Fulmar                     Corncrake                      Golden Plover                     Greylag Goose
    N Jackdaw6468.jpg (120912 bytes) MeadowPipit5888.jpg (30305 bytes) Ploverch5043.jpg (48983 bytes) PiedWagtail6352.jpg (31323 bytes)
                       Jackdaw                   Meadow Pipit             Ringed Plover Chick                   Pied Wagtail
    O CpornB5926.jpg (110541 bytes) ShortOwl5736.jpg (32831 bytes) Swan+5588-2.jpg (48097 bytes) Corncrake6329.jpg (84203 bytes)
                       Twite               Short Eared Owl               Mute Swan + Chicks                     Corncrake
    P Cow+c6131.jpg (85438 bytes) Whooper5546.jpg (47243 bytes) ShortOwl5743.jpg (60362 bytes) GoldPlover5688.jpg (77037 bytes)
         Highland Cow + Calves                 Whooper Swan                 Short Eared Owl                   Golden Plover
    Q cormorant1250ps.jpg (76339 bytes) Fulmar6365.jpg (55642 bytes) Buzzard1289.jpg (66626 bytes) Gannet1034ps.jpg (59754 bytes)
                     Cormorant                         Fulmar                          Buzzard                         Gannet

                                     If you would like to purchase any of these photographs please email your selection by reference to the photo grid, i.e. Heading, Letter and Number. e.g. Bubbles A2

                                     An A4 Photograph (8" x 11" approx.) mounted in a 355 x 280mm (14" x 11") antique white mount. .....10 plus P.& P. @ 8-50 = 18-50

                                     An A3+ Photograph ( 12" x 17" approx.) mounted in a 500mm x 400mm antique white mount..............20 plus P.&P. @ 8-50 =  28-50

                                     Email :-