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All of the photographs are taken in the British Isles, but the panda, is part of Edinburgh zoo.

The other photographs are taken around Burton-on-Trent, in the peak district and on the Isles of Lunga, Mull, Islay, Tiree, Lismore and Coll.


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    A puffinweb.jpg (60873 bytes) tawnyowlweb.jpg (65465 bytes) 4838.jpg (84135 bytes) GreenWoodpecker 101web.jpg (279788 bytes)
                       Puffin                    Tawny Owl                         Panda               Green Woodpecker
    B Corncrake.jpg (147770 bytes) hareweb.jpg (70581 bytes) redpollweb.jpg (45666 bytes) deer4web.jpg (70657 bytes)
                 Corncrake                         Hare                     Lesser Redpoll                     Fallow Deer
 C           otter2web.jpg (67084 bytes) deer5web.jpg (94317 bytes) peacock2web.jpg (128570 bytes) puffin2web.jpg (40453 bytes)
                        Otter                      Red Deer                     Peacock                        Puffin
   D kestrelweb.jpg (51016 bytes) lapwing&chickweb.jpg (70236 bytes) oysterweb.jpg (88503 bytes) snipeweb.jpg (37380 bytes)
                   Kestrel               Lapwing and Chick        Oystercatcher and Chick                        Snipe
   E Deer 018.jpg (135928 bytes) curlewweb.jpg (75580 bytes) barnowl2web.jpg (70702 bytes) SeaEagle 056.jpg (77632 bytes)

                   Red Deer


                      Curlew                      Barn Owl           White Tailed Sea Eagle
   F IMG_4470web.jpg (233502 bytes) puffin5web.jpg (48619 bytes) peacockweb.jpg (114977 bytes) lapwingweb.jpg (75826 bytes)

                    Red Squirrel


                        Puffin                      Peacock                      Lapwing
   G ploverweb.jpg (57121 bytes) lambweb.jpg (69442 bytes) Redshank6096.jpg (25131 bytes) tawnyowl2web.jpg (57428 bytes)
                 Ring  Plover         North of England Mule Lamb                      Red Shank                   Tawny Owl
   H redpoll2web.jpg (41078 bytes) sealweb.jpg (56588 bytes) Thrushweb.jpg (31906 bytes) peregrineweb.jpg (48336 bytes)
              Lesser Redpoll                    Grey Seal                   Meadow Pipit               Peregrine Falcon
   J IMG_1334web.jpg (173462 bytes) Sandpiper-2 039.jpg (247510 bytes) otterweb.jpg (68125 bytes) 284grouse.jpg (231743 bytes)
                      Chough               Common Sandpiper                          Otter                     Red Grouse
   K sheep2web.jpg (73614 bytes) siskinweb.jpg (28795 bytes) Chaffinch 023.jpg (275696 bytes) puffin3web.jpg (40372 bytes)
                 Dalesbred  Sheep                        Siskin                       Chaffinch                       Puffin
   L barnowl3web.jpg (64798 bytes) stonechat120.jpg (129933 bytes) skylark2063.jpg (213878 bytes) BabyRabbit5210.jpg (125003 bytes)
                    Barn Owl                      Stonechat                          Skylark                     Baby Rabbit
   M Fulmar5022.jpg (59764 bytes) IMG_0692web.jpg (162738 bytes) GoldPlover5683.jpg (75882 bytes) Greylag5942.jpg (83655 bytes)
                       Fulmar               Red Necked Phalarope                      Golden Plover                     Greylag Goose
    N Jackdaw6468.jpg (120912 bytes) MeadowPipit5888.jpg (30305 bytes) Ploverch5043.jpg (48983 bytes) PiedWagtail6352.jpg (31323 bytes)
                       Jackdaw                   Meadow Pipit             Ringed Plover Chick                   Pied Wagtail
    O CpornB5926.jpg (110541 bytes) ShortOwl5736.jpg (32831 bytes) Swan+5588-2.jpg (48097 bytes) Corncrake6329.jpg (84203 bytes)
                       Twite               Short Eared Owl               Mute Swan + Chicks                     Corncrake
    P Cow+c6131.jpg (85438 bytes) Whooper5546.jpg (47243 bytes) ShortOwl5743.jpg (60362 bytes) GoldPlover5688.jpg (77037 bytes)
         Highland Cow + Calves                 Whooper Swan                 Short Eared Owl                   Golden Plover
    Q cormorant1250ps.jpg (76339 bytes) Fulmar6365.jpg (55642 bytes) Buzzard1289.jpg (66626 bytes) Gannet1034ps.jpg (59754 bytes)
                     Cormorant                         Fulmar                          Buzzard                         Gannet
    R IMG_0754cropweb.jpg (110673 bytes) IMG_1986web.jpg (144452 bytes) IMG_3387web.jpg (141029 bytes) IMG_2285web.jpg (170891 bytes)
                     Hen Harrier      Greater Spotted Woodpecker           Rose Coloured Starling                       Redwing
    S IMG_2473web.jpg (92819 bytes) IMG_3312web.jpg (90503 bytes) IMG_2870web.jpg (202380 bytes) IMG_4562web.jpg (134449 bytes)
                     Fieldfare                  Hooded Crow                    Green Shank                     Green Finch